The Lozano Observatory
The Lozano Observatory 

Welcome to our observatory! Like many of you I have had a life-long obsession with Astronomy!  Our observatory is located in Blanco County Texas at an elevation of 1,637 Feet. The observatory was designed by my Wife, Son and I and was completed on December 17th 2007.


We are dedicated to the Art of Astrophotography and share as many images as we can on this site.  I have recently upgraded my main imaging camera to an STT-8300M with an AO8-T adaptive optics unit so check back for new images soon!

 Check out the video documenting the ISS contact event at the bottom of this page. 

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   Image of the Month - The Wizard Nebula, a mass of hydrogen gas and stellar dust located 7200 light years from us in the constellation Cepheus

The Lozano Observatory made history in March 2012 by contacting the International Space Station from our site using a 1 watt laser and two industrial high power  spot lights! Astronauts aboard the ISS confirmed our contact with photographs! Check out our video of the event by clicking on our Youtube channel link below. If you are interested in visiting our site contact us at





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