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Although I have had several different scopes on the telescope mount I am currently using an Astro-Tech 10" Carbon Truss Ritchey Chretien Telescope.  Astro-Tech is quickly becoming one of the highest quality scope manufactuers on the market today.  With the addition of an Astro-Physics .75x Focal Reducer the scope has a F ratio of f/6, a Focal Length of  1500 mm, and a Resolution of .65”/pixel.  What this means is this scope has a relatively wide field of view with a fast focal ratio that allows me to capture images in a shorter amount of time. 

      My 10" RC is fitted with high quality 3.5” Moonlight Crayford Focuser with a built-in motor This focuser can securely hold up to 10lbs and is essential to serious astrophotography.

            If you are in the market for a telescope I would recommend going to and use their guide to buying a telescope.  I have purchased several telescopes from Astronomics and have found their service to be excellent! 


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