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We are dedicated to the Art of Astrophotography and share as many images as we can on this site.  As of April 2023 the imaging scope is a TEC 140mm refractor mounted on a Software Bisque Paramount MX+.


My main imaging camera is an STT-8300M with Gen II Astrodon LRGBHA filters.


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   Image of the Month -Messier 27 - The Dumbbell Nebula - This nebula formed when its host star burned through its fuel and could no longer hold on to its outer layers and the star expanded and its layers drifted out into space. (this is what will happen to our star 6.4 BILLION years from now) The gases are lit up by the central star core which burns white hot for millions of years as a glowing ember in space!

The Lozano Observatory made history in March 2012 by contacting the International Space Station from our site using a 1 watt laser and two industrial high power  spot lights! Astronauts aboard the ISS confirmed our contact with photographs! Check out our video of the event by clicking on our Youtube channel link below. If you are interested in visiting our site contact us at




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