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Welcome to our observatory! Like many of you I have had a life-long obsession with Astronomy!  Our observatory is located in Blanco County Texas at an elevation of 1,637 Feet. The observatory was designed by my Wife, Son and I and was completed on December 17th 2007.

      My name is Robert  A.  Lozano, I live in San Antonio Texas with my wife and two children.  I have had an interest in Astronomy since the childhood when my Dad, a TV meteorologist, took me to look at the stars at San Antonio College in downtown San Antonio.   I remember when we viewed through what I thought was the biggest scope on the planet, the owner told me "Stay in school and someday you can own one of these as well!"  I am glad I listened! 


        I graduated from the University of Texas San Antonio with a BBA in Operations Management and returned to earn an MBA in Management.  I have always dreamed of my own observatory and now that my education was complete (at least for now).  I finally had the time, money, opportunity and encouragement from my wife. Initially I began to look just for land to have somewhere dark to setup my scope and I knew it had to be at least 35 miles north from San Antonio.  I spent about three months searching in vain for my ideal site.  The land was either too expensive or located in an area that would not work for 'serious astronomy.'  Christmas Eve of 2006 while at my Mom's house I spoke with my Mom's cousin's Husband (Jim Todd) who lived in an ideal area for astronomy and he told me his neighbor's 6.5 acres was up for sale!


         I am a native of San Antonio and have lived here for all but two years of my life.   My wife Lynn and I have been very happily married for 25 years  and have two children, a 23 year old Son  (1st LT, US. Army) and a 19 year old girl (College student, Computer Science major).      I am a child at heart and collect toys from my past, especially trains.  I have most of the 1957 Lionel HO trains (although I was not around in '57) issued in a large display case in my home office.  My son and I are also avid gamers, mostly Modern Warfare, World at War, and flight sims. 


        I have been a Specialty Pharmaceutical Sales Rep for about 26 years now and have quickly discovered many of my physicians share my passion for deep sky objects.  Fortunately, working in this industry and formerly being co-owner of a small construction company gave me the contacts and know how to complete this project. 


        During my career, after 8 years with Shire Pharmaceuticals, I left the pharmaceutical industry for 2 and a half years and worked for a mortgage bank as a loan officer.  During this time the owner of the bank and I formed a small construction company specializing in the construction of single family homes and duplexes for residential investors.  My eventual return to the pharmaceutical industry (I saw the Mortgage Crash in 2005) came when I took a position with a Specialty Pharmaceutical company (Endo Pharmaceuticals) in June 2006 as a Specialty sales rep promoting pain medications.  This new job is where my new hobby really made a difference.  During a lunch with one of my top docs, an office worker noticed a book on framing sticking out of my bag that I bought right before lunch and mentioned her husband framed houses for a living.   Her husband's name is Henry Ramirez and he has been one of the finest contractors I have worked with!  Henry's prices were very reasonable and his work was top notch!     Not only did Henry frame the observatory, he roofed it, mounted the doors, windows, AC units, put the exterior 3/8 plywood on, siding and placed the insulation on the interior.
Initially when we purchased the property, I would have been happy to just have a dark sky site but of course it evolved into the observatory and we could not be more pleased with the results!!!   Email me anytime:

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