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Software Bisque Paramount MX+ Equatorial Mount

This is an INCREDIBLE mount!  It carries up to 90 lbs of Equipment! It is 16-inches long, and the identical width to the Paramount ME counterweight shaft so the same counterweights can be used - and two Paramount ME/MX counterweights are included with the Paramount MX+.


Not only is this mount a precision instrument, it's a work of art!  This mount was expensive but worth every cent!  This mount allows me to completely control the observatory from our home in Bulverde 28 miles away! 

There is a 2 port USB 2.0 hub on the instrument panel, a completely re-designed control system featuring GPS and USB 2.0 telescope to computer interface, calibrated polar alignment adjustments, space to add additional cabling through the mount, 90 lb. total instrument capacity, unibody mount design weighs 50 lbs., maximum 7 arc seconds peak to peak periodic error before PEC, all electronics and wiring are inside the mount, includes versatile instrument mounting plate compatible with any equipment, includes power supply and cabling, belt driven gears result in zero backlash, 30 arc second or better all sky pointing through T Point and the clutchless design maintains you T point assisted position.

You'll love the fact that the Software Bisque Paramount MX+ doesn't recognize international lines. In the unlikely event that you should have a problem with the MX+, simply post your concerns with "Customer Support". Whether you live in Australia or Arizona, you're covered just the same!

Software Bisque Paramount MX+ Equatorial Mount Features


  • German equatorial mount equipment capacity (not including the counterweights): 100 lbs. (45 kg)
  • Weight of the mount: 50 lbs. (23 kg)
  • Maximum seven (7) arcsecond peak to peak periodic error before PEC.  Less than one (1) arcsecond peak to peak periodic error after PEC.
  • Completely redesigned control system (called the MKS 5000)
    • Employs virtually all of the features of the Paramount ME control system (final power requirements are currently not available).
    • USB 2.0 PC to mount communication interface




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